A source of unlimited knowledge and information for students who are ever enthusiastic about learning is always available. Indra Ganesan College of Education Library is equipped with required volumes which include books related to subjects like Tamil, English, Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Computer, Commerce, Economics, Accounts, English, etc., Other than this many more reference book are available in library regarding Philosophy, Psychology, Educational Psychology, Education Technology, School Administration, Teacher Education, Educational Management, Research Methodology, Methodology of Teaching, Text Books, Encyclopedia, Dictionaries and Other general books. Indra Ganesan College of Education subscribes reputed National / International Journals reference books and Magazines. Stack of CDs, audio cassettes, video cassettes and floppy discs, latest updates are available. The library provides computerized information services along with the hi-speed internet facility. Photocopy facility is also made available within the library.

Our Infrastructure Includes:

Lending book section
Reference book section
Text book section
Book bank section
Current periodical section
Back volume section
Reprographic section
Audio visual section
Digital library section

The Multipurpose Hall:

The multipurpose hall is used for assembly, cultural programme, guest Lecturers and any mass oriented programme. The hall was equipped with public Addressing System and LCD presentation facilities.

Science Lab:

The Indra Ganesan College of Education State-of-the-art laboratories are provided for each department equipped to match the best anywhere. Indra Ganesan College of Education provides separate labs for Physics, Chemistry, Botany and Zoology. There are various apparatus glassware's, substances, specimens charts, etc., which is used in school. Teachers to understand different Scientific, rates and Principles which helps students, teachers to develop their scientific skills like accuracy, observation, time management etc. through which they can understand different scientific principles of real life.

The Computer Lab :

The Computer Lab is well equipped with state-of-the-art 40 Pentium computers. Systems all interconnected through LAN. The systems work under Windows environments.

Internet Facility :

The college possesses wireless line for internet facility for its students. The Student can access this facility through high-speed internet sharing device. The computer lab has Laser printer for the use of the students. To ensure personalized attention to every student in the lab, Computer Instructor gives proper and in depth guidance to each & every student. The computer lab possesses state-of-the-art software.

Psychology Lab :

The institute has well equipped psychology lab, consisting of different psychological experiments (Paper-pencil Tests, Apparatus Tests), charts, experiments, and tests etc., related to Educational Psychology It helps students to understand the psychology of children, adult or any other social member.

ET Lab :

Beside the computers other technical equipment is also useful for best teaching. To make study interesting IGCE used different educational instruments like slide Projector, over head Projector, LCD Projector, Audio and Video Cassettes, Transparency Sheets etc.

Arts & Craft Lab :

One of the objective of education is to inculcate individual, the appreciation of beauty and to develop a sense of aesthetics. A lot of emphasis is placed on fine as well as performing Arts. In our institute exposure is provided to Art and Craft, Music & Dance, Dramatics etc. In addition to painting, sketching and regular craft work, students are exposed to a variety of Media including clay and paper make. Emphasis is placed on making “the best from waste” by using old boxes, charts, Match sticks, used fax and toilet paper roll etc.

Language Lab :

Language Room is real platform to learn language for the student. It helps to develop reading, writing and besides that specially listening and speaking skills. It helps to improve, pronunciation of any language. The Indra Ganesan College of Education have different CDs, MP3, Cassettes regarding contents English Speaking, GK, Personality Development etc.

Sports :

The IGCE campus has excellent facilities for indoor and outdoor game. The indoor games facilities include Table tennis, Carom, Badminton and Chess etc. The outdoor games facilities includes Kabadi, Coco, Cricket, Football, Volleyball, Throw ball and Athletics.


Well furnished canteen exclusively for boys and girls .wide varity of refreshment and meals items are available. Students are advised to leave canteen immediately after taking food and snacks.


The College has 15 buses and one car for the use of student and staff. Buses ply from college to Lalgudi, Mannachanallur, Thuvakudi, Manaparrai, Ponmalai, Chathiram, Viralimalai, Woraiyur, Airport, Thuvarakurichi, Srirangam.


We have well maintained hostel exclusively for both boys and girls inside the campus with all facilities such as studies, recreations and common living. The college hostel serves subsidized Meals and Refreshment for the hostelites.

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